Tour 2 Departs 11 MAY 2019

Rocca Bernarda

28 DAY TOUR – AUD 9880
(Twin Share)

Four nights in every hotel!! Land Only: AUD 8200 Optional Dinners: 3 Course Meal & Wine $50 Single Supplement $1840

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From mild conditions on the coast to cool conditions in the Alps.

In the centre: Max Day Temp 18-23°C – Min Night 09-14°C
In the north: Max Day Temp 15-20°C – Min Night 07-11°C

At Your Own Cost

  • Meals, other than those included in the package. (Optional group dinners in picturesque restaurants will be arranged at special reduced prices).
  • Optional little underground train through a small mine at the Isle of Elba, boasting a huge variety of minerals.
  • Entry tickets into: museums, palaces, fortresses and castles.
  • Optional cable cars at Malcesine and the Isle of Elba.
  • Single accommodation supplement.
  • Travel insurance.

Included in the Price

  • Return air travel to Italy flying Cathay Pacific economy class with all taxes included.
  • Twelve gastronomic dinners with 1/4 bottle of wine and 1/2 bottle of mineral water included!
  • Light lunch in the historic Monastery of San Girolamo.
  • Special gastronomic lunch at Lake Sauris.
  • Three and four star hotel accommodation (bed and breakfast). Some hotels are set in spectacular positions and offer excellent panoramic views of the surrounding areas.
  • Modern air conditioned motor coach with English-speaking tour manager.
  • A wide range of local excursions available daily from all the major centres of the itinerary. These tours, provided at no extra cost, are on an optional basis.
  • Scenic navigation along the southern shores of Lake Garda to the town of Sirmione.
  • Scenic navigation along the northern shores of Lake Garda to the town of Malcesine.
  • Ferry boat to the island of Elba. The motor coach will also be ferried with the group for the 4 night stop on the island.
  • Optional extension to your international ticket.

The Marche Region – This relatively underrated region has escaped the impact of mass tourism. Yet the beauty of its landscape and picturesque villages is even better than the much celebrated countryside of Tuscany. Our scenic drives and sightseeing throughout this region will astound you.

Ferrara – This UNESCO world heritage listed city, has an impressive double identity. The southern part features a well preserved medieval architecture. The northern part boasts one of the most refined examples of XVI century Renaissance architecture in Italy.

Sauris – It is flanked by a beautiful pristine lake at 1,000m in the midst of the Eastern Alps, renowned for their unspoilt forests of conifers and lush green pastures. Apart from the beautiful setting, Sauris is also famous for its gastronomic tradition of ham, alpine cheese and locally produced artisan beer.

Gardone (Lake Garda) – It’s the most elegant upmarket resort at Lake Garda. It came to fame in the 19th century when Royals and distinguished families across Europe chose this beautiful place to develop sumptuous villas and parks, still gracing Gardone today.

The Langhe – A major feature of this district of the Piedmont Region is the area’s imposing castles and medieval residences which offer an insight into the history of this region. The Langhe are also renowned for the local gastronomy as well as some of the most upmarket wines in Italy, like Asti, Barolo and Barbera.

Elba Island – First belonged to the Etruscans, then the Romans. From 1814 to 1815 it was the dominion and residence of Napoleon. His villa is now open to the public. Thanks to its climate, its exquisite beaches and beautiful bays, its interesting historic and artistic patrimony, its fine cuisine and wines, Elba is unparalleled.


Sat 11 May
Departure from Australia flying Cathay Pacific to Rome, via Hong Kong.

Sun 12 May
07.30 – Arrival at Rome Airport. Departure by coach for Macerata: a well preserved medieval town in high position on top of a hill, still circled by ancient defence walls. It’s one of the main heritage towns of the Marche Region.
12.30 – Stop for lunch and sightseeing in the impressive historic town of Civitella del Tronto dominated by one of the largest fortresses ever built in Europe.
17.00 – Arrival at the hotel.
19.30 – Dinner in local restaurant (included).

Mon 13 May
09.30 – Sightseeing orientation in Macerata, covering the main architectural highlights of this historic town. Afternoon at leisure.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Tue 14 May
08.30 – Full day scenic drive throughout the central part of the Marche Region.
10.15 – Stop and sightseeing at Montefalcone, set on a cliff with sweeping views over the Marche countryside. Continuation through the spectacular Presta Pass (1,550m) and onto Castelluccio, an impressive medieval village on top of a peak.
13.00 – Arrival in Visso, an ancient medieval town boasting an impeccably preserved architecture.
15.00 – Departure for Macerata.
16.45 – Arrival back in Macerata.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Wed 15 May
08.30 – Scenic drive along a country road towards Mt. Conero promontory which plunges into the sea quite steeply originating a spectacular coastline. Brief sightseeing stop at the picturesque village of Offagna. We end up at Portonovo, in a beautiful setting flanked by an old Napoleon fortress.
16.30 – Arrival back in Macerata.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

The Castle of Ferrara, a UNESCO World Heritage City Frontino – Marche Region

Thu 16 May
08.30 – Departure for Ferrara, a UNESCO world heritage medieval city graced by a beautiful XIV century castle, surrounded by a moat and drawbridges. This drive takes you throughout some of the most beautiful unspoilt districts of the Marche Region. Stop and sightseeing in the picturesque medieval village of Frontino located in splendid isolation at 500m on top of a hill overlooking a scenic undulating landscape. Lunch at nearby picturesque Monastery of San Girolamo. Continuation towards Ferrara.
18.00 – Arrival in Ferrara.
19.30 – Dinner in local restaurant (included).

Fri 17 May
08.30 – Downtown orientation in Ferrara, covering the main architectural highlights of this historic city. Afternoon at leisure.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Sat 18 May
08.30 – Scenic drive through the picturesque hills south west of Ferrara, to the historic town of Vignola, dominated by its amazing castle. 10.30 – Arrival, sightseeing and visit to the castle.
13.30 – Short drive to the nearby fortified medieval village of Monteveglio set in prime panoramic position on top of a hill.
17.30 – Arrival in Ferrara.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Sun 19 May
08.30 – Departure for Chioggia, minor sister of Venice on the same lagoon. Charming alleys and canals are a reminder that Chioggia was part of the Republic of Venice.
10.00 – Arrival, local orientation and time at leisure.
13.30 – Departure and scenic drive to the historic Abbey of Pomposa where we stop for sightseeing before returning to Ferrara.
17.00 – Arrival in Ferrara.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Mon 20 May
8.30 – Departure for the Eco Tourist Complex of Aplis in a beautiful unspoilt valley of the Eastern Alps. Lunch stop in the historic town of Venzone.
15.30 – Arrival at Aplis.
16.30 – Visit to local naturalist museum and park.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Eastern Alps, Friuli Region - Sauris and its lake. Eastern Alps, Friuli Region - Lake Fusine

Tue 21 May
8.30 – Very scenic drive to Lake Sauris (1,000m), flanked by the pristine forests of the Alps. Stop at Tolmezzo: visit to the Museum of the Eastern Alps and time at leisure.
10.30 – Departure for Sauris and its lake stopping at the Chalet Riglarhaus (above the lake) for a special gastronomic lunch (included). After lunch we drive through a most spectacular pass to reach the picturesque and unspoilt Pesarina Valley flanked by the Dolomites. Sightseeing stop at the village of Pesariis famous for the great variety of clocks gracing its alleys as well as its heritage architecture.
17.00 – Arrival in Aplis
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Wed 22 May
8.30 – Departure for Valbruna and Lakes Fusine: two picturesque lakes at 900m.
10.00 – Arrival in Valbruna (800m). Local refreshment in picturesque alpine village and easy scenic walk along a beautiful path, flanked by meadows, forests and high rising vertical peaks.
11.30 – Departure from Valbruna for a short drive to the spectacular Lakes Fusine. Recommended lunch is in exclusive chalet, boasting local specialties and overlooking the lake and its majestic peaks. After lunch, brief scenic walks on the banks of the two lakes which are adjacent and return to Aplis.
17.00 – Arrival back at the hotel.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Thu 23 May
8.30 – Departure for Cividale, a UNESCO world heritage historic town. It was the ancient capital of the Longobard Dukedom in the North East of Italy.
10.00 – Arrival in Cividale and local orientation. Time at leisure.
13.30 – Departure for Rocca Bernarda, a picturesque castle on top of a hill in the famous wine district of the Friuli Region. Wine tasting is included in the visit. Return to Aplis.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Fri 24 May
8.30 – Departure for Gardone, an upmarket elegant resort set on the banks of Lake Garda. On the way to Gardone stop at Villa Manin: the most splendid of the Venetian villas, built by the last Doge of Venice and dating back to the XVII century when the north east of Italy was part of the Republic of Venice. Local visit and lunch.
13.30 – Departure from Villa Manin.
17.00 – Arrival at Gardone.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Venetian Villa Manin Vittoriale

Sat 25 May
8.30 – Visit to the panoramic park of Vittoriale, its monumental complex of historic buildings and the central mansion. Return to hotel at time of your choice. Afternoon at leisure.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Sirmione, Lake Garda: The Scaligero Castle and the ruins of an old Roman Citadel

Sun 26 May
10.00 – Navigation to Sirmione which, since Roman times has been praised for its extraordinary beauty, due to its panoramic setting along a tiny picturesque peninsula. So much so that ancient Roman ruins are still prominent at the very tip of the peninsula.
11.30 – Arrival and local orientation along the peninsula from the castle to the Roman ruins. Time at leisure.
17.00 – Departure from Sirmione and return to Gardone.
19.30 – Optional dinner.


Mon 27 May
10.45 – Navigation by hydrofoil to Malcesine a medieval town on the banks of Lake Garda, renowned for its beauty and strategic location. So much so that the Republic of Venice made it a key military outpost and upgraded the castle. Heritage Venetian architecture can still be seen today in the outstanding Palace of the Captain of the Lake who was responsible for the military security of the lake.
11.30 – Arrival in Malcesine. Guided sightseeing and time at leisure. Optional cable car to Mt. Baldo (1,800m) overlooking the lake.
15.00 – Departure by hydrofoil for Gardone.
16.15 – Arrival back in Gardone.
19.30 – Optional Dinner.

Fontanellato and Downtown Alba

Tue 28 May
8.30 – Departure for Alba, an outstanding historical town in the Langhe district of the Piedmont region. On the way to Alba we stop for sightseeing and lunch at Fontanellato, an impeccable medieval town with most alleys endowed by beautiful porticos. It also boasts an impressive castle with a moat.
13.30 – Departure.
16.30 – Arrival in Alba.
19.30 – Dinner in local restaurant (included).

Vineyards and Castles in the Langhe district

Wed 29 May
8.30 – Orientation in Alba covering the main highlights and time at leisure.
15.00 – Very scenic drive, with a few stops, throughout the Langhe (a district of the Piemonte Region) famous for the picturesque hilly countryside, boasting vineyards and castles. The local wines are very upmarket and the Langhe are also famous for gastronomy. We stop at the outstanding castle of Grinzane Cavour which is also a showcase of the best wines and gastronomic specialties of the Langhe Region.
19.30 – Arrival back in Alba.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Sacra San Michele

Thu 30 May
8.30 – Scenic drive to the ancient Abbey of Sacra St. Michael, a most impressive building built on a peak of 1,000m with sweeping panoramic view of the Alps. After local visit, continuation to Lake Avigliana and lunch in picturesque restaurant on the banks of the lake.

The Royal Palace of Stupinigi was the summer residence of the Savoia family, sovereign rulers of Piedmont

12.30 – Departure from Lake Avigliana for a short drive to the Royal Palace of Stupinigi. It was built in the 18th century by Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoia, King of Piedmont and Sardinia. The complex was initially conceived as a hunting lodge but was soon upgraded to become a luxurious summer residence of the Savoia family which from 1861 became the Royal Family of the newly formed United Kingdom of Italy. This sumptuous palace is endowed with one of the greatest collections of genuine heritage furniture as well as paintings and works of art. After the visit return to Alba.
17.30 – Arrival back in Alba.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Piedmont Region: Asti and its typical countryside (Monferrato District)

Fri 31 May
8.30 – Departure for Asti, a famous city of the Piedmont Region, well renowned for its wine production. But it is also a gem of Piedmontese architecture and well worth a visit.
09.30 – Arrival at Asti, local orientation and time at leisure.
13.30 – Departure for a scenic drive through the Monferrato District of Piedmont with a refreshment stop in a charming setting.
17.30 – Arrival back in Alba.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Afternoon refreshment at this charming country residence in the Monferrato district of Piedmont

Sat 1 Jun
8.30 – Departure for Elba Island, via a modern freeway.
16.00 – Ferry boat to Elba.
17.30 – Arrival at the hotel.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Isle of Elba: one of many picturesque villages

Sun 2 Jun
8.30 – Scenic drive along the Enfola peninsula and around the Bay of Portoferraio. Stop at Portoferraio, the island’s capital. Visit to Napoleon’s residence (Villa dei Mulini) and the medieval fortresses.
13.30 – Departure from parking area and return to hotel.
15.00 – Scenic drive to display centre of minerals and craftmanship near Porto Azzurro. Optional little train through a mine displaying the exceptional variety of minerals to be found at Elba.
16.30 – Departure and return to hotel.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Napoleon’s residence at the Isle of Elba

Mon 3 Jun
08.30 – Tour of Elba’s West Coast. Scenic drive to Mt Capanne cable car station. Optional cable car to 1,000m or 15 minutes scenic walk to the village of Marciana.
11.15 – Departure for Marciana Marina. Local time at leisure and lunch: enjoy Elba wines which are very famous, especially the Aleatico and Moscato.
13.00 – Departure for hotel.
15.00 – Scenic drive along the south west coast to Chiessi.
17.30 – Arrival back at the hotel.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Tue 4 Jun
08.30 – Departure for Villa San Martino, Napoleon’s country residence.
10.15 – Departure from Villa San Martino for Capoliveri, a heritage picturesque town on a panoramic promontory, stretching out at sea. Time at leisure.
13.00 – Return to hotel.
15.00 – Scenic drive to the beautiful Gulf of Marina Di Campo for a local stroll and refreshment by the sea.
17.00 – Return to hotel.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Wed 5 Jun
08.30 – Departure for Portoferraio.
09.30 – Ferry boat to Piombino. Continuation along a modern freeway.
15.00 – Arrival at Rome Airport – Fumicino.

Thu 6 Jun
09.00 – Independent transfer (without guide) to Rome International Airport by way of hotel shuttle. Cathay Pacific flight back to Australia.

Fri 7 Jun – Arrival in Australia.


We believe that you are entitled to know exactly what you get for your money and that’s why we clearly state not only the number of stars but also the location of the hotels we use.

Unless you are in a rush tour, where you get to the hotel late at night and leave early morning, we do believe that a good location makes a world of difference to the quality of your holiday.



Four star hotel with a quiet location in the heart of this historic city. It’s a heritage palace completely renovated inside.

View Website



Very classy four star hotel in the heart of this beautiful city, renowned for its Renaissance architecture. It is located in a quiet alley.

View Website



It’s an impeccable three star establishment featuring a large private park, a naturalistic museum and two small lakes.

View Website



Centrally located, it stands in a green park with palms and swimming pool on the edge of the lake (no roads in front of it !). It’s a superior class four star hotel.

View Website



This excellen four star hotel, located in the historic centre, is a heritage building entirely restored without altering the original architecture.

View Website

Elba Island


Spectacular high position with sweeping panoramic views of the Mediterranean. This three star hotel is surrounded by an exclusive seven hectare park with swimming pool and lovely gardens.

View Website

Rome Airport


Four star hotel in the picturesque village of Fiumicino, 3km from the airport.

View Website

Accommodation Summary

4 in Macerata, 4 in Ferrara, 4 in Aplis, 4 in Gardone, 4 in Alba, 4 at Isle of Elba, 1 at Rome Airport.

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